Senior Associate, member of the Compliance group. Previously, she worked in the Electoral Tribunal of the Sixth Region, and in the I. Court of Appeals of Rancagua. She also did an internship at the Criminal Legal Defense Office.

In the academic field, she studied law at the School of Law of the Universidad Diego Portales. Subsequently, Lucia completed a Master's Degree in Criminal Law taught through a dual program at the Universidad de Talca in Chile and the Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Spain, and more recently a Diploma in Diversity and Inclusion Management at the Universidad Adolfo Ibañez.

During 2020, she founded Dyversia, a center of studies dedicated to research on sexual diversity, gender and feminism.

Lucía has been recognized nationally and internationally for her work in diversity matters, for which she was awarded in 2019 by the Probono Foundation with the Probono Spirit award and was nominated by Chambers & Partners in the Future Leader Gender Diversity category, while in 2021 she was recognized by the same publication in the same category as Highly Commended.

Additionally, she has served as an assistant to various professorships at the Universidad Diego Portales as well as being a research assistant for the Human Rights Report issued annually by that university. More recently at the Universidad Bernardo O'Higgins, she became a professor of the course Human Rights and Sexual Diversities. She also has a degree in Literature from the Universidad Diego Portales, where she also collaborated as an assistant in various professorships, and as coordinator of literary workshops for the writer Mauricio Electorat.

Currently, Lucia is part ofthe Center for Compliance and Criminal Law Studies at the University of Talca and during 2022 will be one of the coordinators and teachers of the Diploma in Economic Crimes and Criminal Compliance to be taught by the Criminal Law Center of the same university.

Her development in gender and sexual diversity issues has allowed her to lead our sustainability program, which under the name #SostieneFN, we began to develop since the end of 2020.

Practice Areas
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Diploma in Strategies for Managing Diversity and Inclusion Universidad de Talca - Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Master in Criminal Law Universidad Diego Portales, Lawyer Universidad Diego Portales, Bachelor of Literature Universidad Diego Portales, Diploma in Contemporary Thought, Specialization in Gender and Sexuality
Sixth Region Electoral Tribunal Defensoría Jurídico Penal Philippi, Prietocarrizosa & Uría
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