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Law is technique and craft, knowledge and strategy; but in its exercise, we understand that the relevance of art can be achieved.

Our firm offers multi-specialist services aimed at large companies and institutions. We stand out because of the high level of interaction between our areas of practice. We are guided by a public-private perspective, a legal-economic approach and a strong connection with reality. Even though we are very serious about our work, we never lose our sense of humour and warmth.

We live and apply the intelligence of collaboration on a daily basis. Although we have permanent and affiliated work teams, they interact with one another to form a unique team for each matter. In this interaction, multiple talents and types of intelligence are harnessed, and everyone's opinion is heard and valued.


Our story goes back to the year 2000, when we took the risk of launching our company in the traditional Chilean legal services market and set up the first firm to completely specialise in Competition Law. The progressive creation of new and highly specialist areas of practice has led us to grow further than we ever thought possible, and to develop new ways of doing things, whilst always maintaining our stamp of originality.

Policies and Governance

We have developed internal policies that ensure we fulfil our values and objectives. They include policies on gender, diversity and inclusion, career development, continuous training, compliance of norms and sustainability.
Our firm is managed by a board of directors, which is assisted by the Managing Partner and the General Manager.

Futuro Ferrada Nehme


We look to the future knowing that many challenges will arise along the way. Now, it is necessary for us to address three important issues to prepare for the years ahead. The first is, and always will be, to detect and retain human talent in a balanced work environment; the second, to promote diversity and inclusion in its broadest expressions; and the third, to continue adopting new technologies, but with the understanding that what is essential will always be human and irreplaceable.

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