Rather than mere lookers-on, we want to be conscious stakeholders in the community in which we live. #SostieneFN

We want to contribute to creating a better and more sustainable future for our organisation, for the community and also for our clients. Through this programme, which organically brings together a series of initiatives, we aim to make a profound and coordinated contribution in ways that are essential to us both as professionals and as human beings.

We have developed a comprehensive sustainability programme based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda, where each and every one of us can participate and contribute. In #SostieneFN our legal and administrative teams actively participate together.

Pro Bono

We aim to provide legal assistance to people, institutions and communities that might not otherwise be able to obtain high-quality legal services. We are interested in pro bono work in its broadest form, particularly that related to the public interest and with causes that we understand to be socially valuable or that affect the most disadvantaged members of society.  

Coordinator: Catalina Iñiguez /

Environmental Care

We aim to raise environmental awareness and reduce our own carbon footprint, sharing this knowledge among those who work with us. We also help companies and institutions on the same path, providing advice on carrying out projects related to caring for the environment and reducing the environmental effects of different activities.

Coordinator: José Agustín Wilhelmy and Max Nunes/


We study and promote best practice in gender matters within companies and institutions. We carry out projects and seek to raise awareness about cultural problems and gender biases, the difficulties that women face in accessing senior management positions, and the ways in which their contributions benefit companies and institutions.

Coordinator: Sebastián Morales and María-Pilar Domínguez /

Diversity & Inclusion

We study, dialogue and advise on matters related to minorities or historically discriminated groups (LGTBQIA + population, indigenous peoples, people with disabilities and migrants). We appreciate the value of living among different and unique human beings. We try to apply best practice in these areas to our own firm and extend it to those around us.

Coordinator: Camilo León /

Other Initiatives

#SostieneFN is a programme involving several other initiatives, which we are extending on a planned basis. They include alliances with institutions, engagement with universities and civil society organisations, research, work placements with a sense of social responsibility, and human rights.

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