We provide advice only on those matters where we know we can add significant value.

We approach each subject with a multi-specialist perspective. We handle every challenging assignment our clients entrust to us with great consideration, as we believe that each one is unique and special and must be evaluated with the utmost professionalism and care.

We adress everything we do with curiosity and a reflective and critical attitude. In all our work, we search for the right context and evaluate different approaches. We study thoroughly and in great depth in order to be prepared for an economic and legal world that is always evolving and to attain results that are of value to society.


Practice Areas

We have carefully chosen our areas of practice and always aim to attend to our client’s most sensitive and critical issues. Every matter is addressed by teams that function as a system, generally including two or more specialist areas and always supported by other areas of knowledge.



We know in detail each of the industries we serve. We have worked in them for decades. Before entering a new industry, we study it in depth, theoretically and practically. There is no easy way to become an expert in an industry.


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Banking and finances

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International trade

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Construction and engineering

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Education and culture

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Real estate

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Public sector

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