In today’s markets, the need for companies to have mass marketingprocesses requires ensuring that goods and services effectively meet the needsof consumers and that they comply with the terms and conditions of theadvertising they display. Recent reforms have increased the risks to whichbusinesses may be exposed in the event of non-compliance, with the Consumer Lawacting as a remediation in the prevailing public interest.

The latest legal reforms that have come into force in Chile have increased the risks that companies may be exposed to in the event of possible breaches, with the Consumer Law acting as a corrective to protect the prevailing public interest.

Ever more demanding consumers, increasingly complex regulations and stricter government oversight mean that specialist, preventive advice in Consumer Law has become indispensable. This enables companies to fine-tune and enhance their practices and policies and opt to build a foundation of ethical standards that protect consumer trust, thus preventing potential legal issues from arising. Likewise, it is increasingly important to ensure that advertising complies with the existing regulatory standards.

Our Consumer Law area, led by our partner Stella Muñoz, has more than 15 years of experience in the field, and is one of the pioneers in Chile. We have a robust team of professionals who are specialists both at a theoretical and a practical level, with extensive experience of providing consultancy for major FMCG companies that are leaders in their respective markets. Under the collaborative and interdisciplinary work model of FerradaNehme, we propose innovative measures or solutions that meet the highest existing standards and always take into account public opinion.
Our consultancy services include the analysis and study of all aspects related to Consumer Law and Advertising, both from a preventive and reactive perspective, ranging from compliance processes, writing legal opinions, evaluating campaigns or advertising pieces, providing advice and representation in proceedings before the Self-Regulation and Advertising Ethics Council, the National Consumer Service and other individual or collective sectoral agencies.