The existing environmental institutional framework, increasing levels of litigation, and heightened community participation and interest in projects all pose important challenges to the development of projects.

Correct prevention and planning, adequate support in the development of a project and transparent and regulated dialogue with communities and government authorities can make a difference.

FerradaNehme has the experience and knowledge necessary to face these types of challenges with excellence. Our approach is mainly preventive, both in relation to the authorities (top-down) and with respect to communities (bottom-up). We apply our legal experience to the strategic preparation of each case, with the aim of achieving the best interaction, reception and understanding by the relevant stakeholders in each process.

We have a consolidated team of specialists dedicated exclusively to these matters. Their work is in high demand not only for mining, energy or other projects, but increasingly in relation to other matters, as sectoral regulations expand. Every member of our team contributes their particular perspective and knowledge to complex processes relating to environmental assessment, permits, litigation, consultations, negotiations, as well as administrative sanctions. Thanks to our teamworking approach and under the careful direction of our partners Patricio Leyton, Valeria Ruz and Carola Salamanca, we are able to deliver the best results.