Three critical areas for the country’s development, seeing as they intersect different economic activities and allow the best tools provided by technological development to be used by different areas of society. A transversal view and planned process that consider both legal and economic aspects related to these matters and their application are essential for the activities of companies and institutions in rapidly evolving markets.

The Telecommunications, Media and Technology Area has been working tirelessly on these matters for the last 20 years, with a highly qualified team with theoretical and practical experience in these fields and their regulation, characterised by constant updating that goes hand in hand with the developmentof new technologies and applications of telecommunications and media in different areas of economic social life.  


Our advice has been extended to the development of technology, media and communications projects in general, with an approach that incorporates different areas of economic and technical regulation in telecommunications and media matters in all their aspects: regulatory compliance, response to incidents and security breaches, authority interventions; as well as innovation and commercial elements, referring to digital strategies that use data processing technologies (big data, cloud services, cybersecurity, e-Banking, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, etc.), as well as the intellectual and industrial property aspects involved in the development of different and new products and services, the analysis of the collection, storage and processing of personal data, privacy by design and by default, digital transformation plans, cross-border data exchange, technology-enabled contracting between those in supply and demand (digital contracting and e-commerce), and the conflicts associated with these matters.


In a world facing permanent technological change, and where the second wave of convergence challenges not only business but also regulation, we put ourselves at the disposal of our clients to explore development models with them that can enhance their creativity while aligning the social interest promoted by regulation for the development of the country.


The experience and knowledge of our team, combined with a collaborative and intersecting way of working with our other areas, allow us to have the necessary tools to deliver practical, creative and highly strategic advice.