Our clients often challenge us with highly complex assignments, which require the experience, knowledge, creativity and skill of our diverse work teams. We frequently participate in the main civil, commercial, economic and public disputes in the country.

Our Litigation area is a natural consequence of the firm's early participation in highly complex controversies related to economic, regulatory, commercial and corporate law. The excellent results we achieved consolidated the future of a team that is dedicated exclusively to the resolution of complex disputes and is managed by our highly experienced partners Nicolás Ubilla, Marcela Rodríguez and Nicole Nehme.

Using the specialist perspective that distinguishes us, we work together with other areas of the firm to add value to the processes in which we represent our clients, bringing together tailor-made teams to address the particular needs of each case. Our litigation practice covers constitutional, civil and commercial matters, different regulatory areas, intellectual and industrial property, public procurement, as well as in all the other areas our law firm covers, in proceedings before ordinary, special and arbitration, national and foreign courts.

Our preventive vision of the law has enabled us to become highly skilled in negotiation and finding alternative methods of conflict resolution. We also frequently work on the legal risk assessment of our clients' affairs, through compliance programmes, legal opinions or legal reports.