As the relationships between the general public, businesses and the public administration grow in complexity, regulation in different business areas continue to increase and relations with the State become strained.

Government intervention is intensifying in various sectors and the line that has traditionally separated the public and private sectors is becoming more diffuse. It is precisely in those places where the law becomes unified.

Our Public Law and Government area, led by partners Josefina Court and José Tomás Correa, comprises a solid team of specialist associates. It has earned a reputation for providing consultancy to both the State and companies and institutions in the development of their public contractual relationships, in defending their interests in highly complex administrative and constitutional procedures, and in the design and implementation of various public policies.

We provide consultancy services to the State and public bodies in different fields on an ongoing basis, which we harmonise with the specialist advice we provide to companies and institutions in their dealings with the public administration. We work in a wide range of areas, such as collaborating in the regulatory design of State administration bodies, writing legal reports, preparing presentations for the General Comptroller’s Office, providing support in terms of developing a strategy and legal defence in administrative and constitutional cases in collaboration with other areas of the firm, as well as public contracting and the Transparency Law. Likewise, we advise various foreign governments on legislative modernisation in a wide range of areas.