Bernarda is a Senior Associate in the Consumer area and holds a Master in Law and a Ph.D in Law from Pompeu Fabra University in Spain.

As part of her professional background, she was a member of the Attorney General's Office in Argentina and served as a Clerk for the Supreme Court of Justice in Mendoza, in the same country. She also worked as an In-house Legal Consultant at First Mile Delivery Solutions GmbH and as an External Legal Consultant at Clairus.Legal, both in Germany.

In terms of her academic experience, Bernarda was an academic assistant for the criminal law course and, later became an adjunct professor for the same course in the University of Cuyo, Argentina. She also served as the academic coordinator for the Master in Criminal Law.

She is proficient in English and German, and also has a good knowledge of Italian.

Practice Areas
Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Master in Law Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Ph.D in Law
Attorney General's Office in Argentina Supreme Court of Justice of Mendoza First Mile Delivery Solutions GmbH Clarius.Legal
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