Claudio returns to FerradaNehme in 2019 to join the Environment and Natural Resources area. He was member of our law firm from 2014 to 2016, then he worked in the public sector as Prosecutor of sanctioning administrative procedures of the Superintendence of the Environment.

Graduated from Universidad de Chile, he also studied a MSc Philosophy and Public Policy, at the London School of Economics and Political. In addition, he has several publications such as “Recycling Promotion Act: Towards the Extended Producer Responsibility”, in 2016, in the Environmental Justice Magazine, No. 8, co-authored with Jean Paul Dussabaut Diban; “Review of Governing the Commons: The Evolution of institutions for Collective Action, Elinor Ostrom”, in 2016, in the Journal of Environmental Law No. 6 of the Universidad de Chile, among others.

Practice Areas
London School of Economics and Political Science, MSc Philosophy and Public Policy Universidad de Chile, Lawyer
Superintendence of the Environment Environmental Law Center of the Universidad de Chile Microjuris S.A.
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