Rodrigo is one of our founding partners. After launching FerradaNehme in 2000, he has focused his energy and professional expertise mainly in the management, administration, and innovation of the firm, planning and projecting its growth and direction. He is our main developer of ideas, and is a tireless researcher on the trends in the international market for legal services.

In this position, Rodrigo develops freely his entrepreneurial spirit, his passion for advising firms and innovators, and focuses an important part of his work on non-profits and pro bono issues, taking advantage of his more than 20 years of experience in issues related to business law.

Alongside these activities, Rodrigo routinely collaborates with the design, IT, finance, management, human resources, pricing, and other administrative units of the firm.

Practice Areas
Universidad de Chile, Lawyer
Barros, Court & Correa Cruz & Leighton Citibank
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