Sebastián is part of the Competition and Regulation area of FerradaNehme. He is a graduate of Business Engineering, BSc. from the Universidad de Chile and is currently finishing a Master's degree in Economics. As part of the area, he offers an interdisciplinary approach to each of the advisory services we provide to our clients.

Previously, he worked as an intern at both the Antitrust Court and the National Economic Prosecutor's Office.

In the academic field, Sebastián stood out as a member of the winning team from Universidad de Chile in the Competition Moot organized by Bullard Falla Ezcurra+ and Universidad del Pacífico in 2023. Sebastián received the award for Best Expert Questioning category and second place in the Best Plaintiff Speaker and Best General Speaker categories.

Sebastián has been an assistant professor of Introduction to Economic and Political Thought, with Professor Óscar Landerretche; Mathematical Methods, with Professor Jorge Rivera; Economics for Business, with Professor Olivia Aravena, all at the School of Economics and Business of Universidad de Chile; Econometrics and Capital Markets, with Professor Jorge Sepúlveda, at Universidad Santo Tomás; and Economic Law, with Professor Nicole Nehme, at the School of Law of Universidad de Chile. In addition, Sebastián was also a Mathematics and Statistics tutor at the same university.

Practice Areas
Universidad de Chile, Economist
Antitrust Court National Economic Prosecutor's Office.
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